NORTH TROY – Once again voters nixed a request to take out a $1.3 million bond for renovations and improvements to the town school. Last March, voters turned down a $2.2 million bond for the same project. For several months, school board members worked on cutting the request by $800,000 before bringing it back this week. Apparently, their efforts weren’t enough for voters to say yes.Principal Chris Young and acting school board chair Jen Daigle are obviously disappointed with the vote, but they are pleased the vote was significantly closer to passing this time. In February, voters rejected the bond 67 yes to 221 no. This time, 238 voters said yes and 309 said no. School board members will discuss the issue at their next school board meeting, Wednesday, Nov. 14. Young said he is sure the board will make some good decisions on the deficiencies with the school building, which opened in 1978. “The school has needs that need to be met,” said Daigle. “We don’t want to have that come out of the school budget. This is the only way we are going to be able to make the necessary repairs and renovations to the school.”Some problems include an aging sprinkler system and problems with heating and energy efficiency.Voters also turned down a request to bond $199,000 for improving the drainage from the building and repaving the parking lot.Daigle is not sure when the school board can legally bring the question back to the voters.