Troy Talks Trash

NORTH TROY – Discussion over a recycling center caused fireworks at the Troy Planning Commission Tuesday. The Towns of Troy and Jay want to make their temporary recycling center, located on Route 101, into a permanent center. Dave Sanders, representing the Jay and Troy recycling boards, told the planning commission that the boards originally thought that they would move the center from its temporary location once the new sewer plant was complete. However, that idea has gone down the drain.“We didn’t anticipate that there would be a cost overrun with the new sewer department,” said Sanders. “They went back into negotiations with the contractors that submitted the proposal and they changed the head works on what’s going to be the new sewer plant.”With the changes, there won’t be room in front of the sewer plant, and the insurance companies and engineers oppose having the recycling center towards the rear of the sewer plant. The current location is convenient for both Troy and Jay and is centrally located between both Troy Village and North Troy Village. The site complies with the Troy Town Plan and the zoning bylaws, Sanders said.“We’ve taken the cost of recycling for the two towns combined, roughly $14,800, now it’s down to $3,800,” Sanders said. “We’ve increased our recycling percentage from 11 percent to 23 percent. Most of that has happened since we’ve moved out to the location on Route 101.”The recycling center also started collecting used electronics and tires.Sanders, who realizes there are some opponents to a rubbish transfer station there, pointed out there are dumpsters located throughout the two communities. The landowner has offered the barn to store some of the recycled materials, Sanders said. Sanders doesn’t know if they would get rid of all the recycling containers. Adjacent landowners Virgil Starr and his mother, Ila Starr, voiced strong opposition to the request. Virgil Starr said he wasn’t around when the recycling center moved. He said he wasn’t happy about it then and is still not happy."Once you open the door the buffalo hairs get in the hinges and you can never close it. That door is open and we got a problem. If that goes, there a lot of things that are going to change around that area.... We don’t want the recycling there,” said Virgil Starr. “As far as I’m concerned we’re going to fight this as far and as hard as we can with every bit of strength I have in my body to do away with it.”Virgil Starr is concerned the recycling center will devalue his property and he said he would fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court.Ila Starr said she agreed to have the recycling center moved near her property two years ago when she was told it would be for a year. Then she was told it might be two years. She said she thought the recycling center would be gone by this May. The only location that’s been offered to the recycling board is by the former Poulin Lumber building at $300 a month, said Sanders. He said board members are trying to be cost effective. He said they talked about moving it to the town garage, but that idea was shot down.“The town didn’t want to do it,” said Sanders, who added there is a possible place in Jay. “What we’re trying to do is come up with a place that’s the most convenient for both towns.”Ila Starr said once the trash is in her car there is not much difference driving to one place or another.