Turbine Noise Upsets Residents

LOWELL - The development of the wind farm here has caused widespread controversy, and the issues continue. Kevin McGrath is a close resident of the Kingdom Community Wind development. He said in a recent phone interview that he is not the only one upset by the noise. He and about 70 others are contemplating a class action lawsuit against Green Mountain Power (GMP) the corporation that built the facility. Nothing has been filed, but McGrath said he is in discussions with a New York attorney. McGrath is upset because he is often disturbed by the sounds from the turbines, and feels the 21-industrial size turbines near his home have hurt his property value and quality of life. He is hiring his own expert to measure the sound and paying about $4,000 for the service. Not everyone is disturbed by the wind turbines, Dotty Schnure, spokesperson with GMP, explained in an interview.Please see The Newport Daily Express Thursday for the complete story.