Two Men Charged with Arson of Greensboro Home

Staff Writer

Two men pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a Sunday night house fire in Greensboro. Jeffrey Gile Jr. 33, of Stannard, VT was held without bail, while bail was set at $15,000 for Christopher Rich, 26, of Woodbury for allegedly aiding in the crime.
State’s Attorney Jennifer Barrett initially asked the court to hold both men without bail due to the nature of the crime. During the hearing on Tuesday, Barrett told the court that Gile was allegedly approached by a third party and asked to burn down a Greensboro home in exchange for heroin. Barrett went on to say that because it was a residence and people could have been inside, the crime is of a violent nature and conditions wouldn’t be enough to keep the public safe.
Judge Robert Bent agreed to hold Giles despite his attorney’s claims that Giles has no prior felonies, has ties to the area, and that the proper conditions would be sufficient for public safety. The state asked that a weight of evidence hearing be held as soon as possible.
Barrett acknowledged that although Rich’s part in the incident was more minor than that of Gile, but she argued that because Rich is currently under conditions for a case in Caledonia County this violation proves he “will not abide by court conditions,” and so should remain in custody.
Rich’s attorney told the court that Rich’s alleged participation in this crime is less severe. Defense told the court that Rich’s only family is in Vermont, he is married, he has a job in Hardwick, and has no priors so is not a flight risk. The defense asked that he be released on conditions. Judge Bent set bail at $15,000 and set conditions to include a curfew except for during the hours Rich is at work. (Read full story in the NDE Wednesday)