Urie Does it Again, Nets Both Goals in 2-1 Win

ORLEANS–Well what can you saw about Tyrah Urie. 19 regular season goals, and in game one of the play-offs, the freshman netted two more to give Lake Region the 2-1 win against Woodstock on Wednesday afternoon.However, things are not all sugar and spice and everything nice in Coach Urie's mind, and he had no problem letting me know that his girls were not 100 percent in the game yesterday."We did not seem to be playing a very good mental game, which, when you get into the play-offs, you have got to be prepared. You can't make as many mental mistakes as we just did and expect to win."Despite the coaches misgivings about his teams' all around game, one player who came up big, and maybe a bit lucky, was freshman netminder Jordyn Cowles.Five minutes into the contest the Wasps were awarded a corner kick, and after sending the ball into the box, Woodstock's Amy Davis fired a shot that deflected off of Sarah Burnham's hand and into the net, 1-0 Wasps right?Not so fast.According to the officials, Burnham did not intentionally try to deflect the ball, so she was awarded no card, was allowed to stay in the contest, but, the Wasps were given the mandatory penalty kick.Enter Jordyn Cowles.Annie Arthur lined up her shot, and from my vantage point, had maybe a little more space open on the left side of the net than on the right, but it didn't matter.Much like the day before in the boys match, all the Ranger keeper had to was be ready and the ball would come right to her. And it did.Cowles had to move even less than Alex Beauregard did on Tuesday as Arthur was nice enough to boot the ball right into her midsection, keeping the score knotted at 0-0."I was really nervous, and I thought I was going to miss it, but it came right to me," said Cowles.The next fifteen minutes would see the ball controlled at the extreme ends of the field by Lake Region, but the middle was primarily Woodstock territory, thus negating any real advantages for either team.Finally, in the twenty-first minute, Cailtyn Bernier was able to escape the midfield pressure and take the ball down the spectators side of the field. With Urie running hard down the middle, she crossed the checkered sphere over to her charging teammate who beat Wasp defender Alex Ting to the ball, and buried the shot past Lizzy Miller for the 1-0 lead.Twelve minutes later it would be more of the same. Bernier again was the architect, but now instead of just Urie in the middle, she had Drew Neal as an option there as well. Both Neal and Urie converged on the cross, as did Miller, but Miller came up on the losing end of the exchange and Urie's foot beat Neal's to the ball by a fraction of a second to pick up her second goal of the game.The Lady Rangers took the 2-0 lead into the break, expecting to come out for more.Instead the second half saw the team, as they heard from their coach after the game, break down mentally as well as defensively, and allow the Wasps back into the contest.After 20 minutes of vigorous kickball from the home team, Hannah Dean was flagged for an infraction inside her own 18, setting up PK number two for Woodstock.After finding no luck with their previous kicker, the team went with midfielder Sophia Halik to hopefully get her squad on the board.Remember that thing I said about Cowles being a little lucky?Well, Halik must have channeled Arthur's previous attempt, as she, like her teammate, drove the ball right into the midsection of Cowles, keeping the score at 2-0.And Cowles thoughts on the odds of this happening twice in a row?"One in a million,"she said with a laugh.Said Urie, "To be honest, sometimes you have to be a little lucky."I agree.Arthur would later make the game close and atone for her PK gaff, but it was too little too late, and the Rangers hung on to pick up the 2-1 win. "I liked the way we did not give up," said Woodstock coach Greg LaBella, "It was nice to get that one goal to get us close, but it was good play out there from the Rangers that made it hard for us to get the ball under control."Some possible bonus good news for the Lake Region as Desirae Colorado may get clearance to play in round two, but the Coach could not confirm that at this time.For now it is practice today, then off to Hartford to square against the number two Hurricanes."Hopefully we come out a little sharper on Friday," said Urie.Game time is 2:15 on Friday.