Vandals Get Probation for Damage to Vacant Newport Home

NEWPORT CITY – A tip from a watchful neighbor lead to the conviction of two men and a teenager. However, it was not before the trio caused over $1,000 of damage to a vacant home in Newport City.On Friday, Dec. 22, Glen Boule, 19, of Newport City, entered pleas of guilty to a felony charge of unlawful mischief greater than $1,000 and a felony charge of unlawful trespass of a residence. The state dismissed a felony charge of burglary. Judge Robert Bent handed down a sentence of two to five years, all suspended with the exception of 30 days, with credit for time served and probation, on the unlawful mischief charge. On the felony trespass, Bent sentenced Boule to one to three years, all suspended, with probation. The two sentences are concurrent, according to court records, which means they will be served at the same time. Boule was also given an unsatisfactory discharged from probation on a 2010 case.Probation conditions ordered Boule to engage in mental health counseling, finish a GED or high school diploma, and seek employment.Wednesday, Nov. 30, Boule’s accomplice, 18-year-old Kyle Wilson of Milton, entered guilty pleas to three felonies: burglary, unlawful trespass and unlawful mischief. Bent sentenced Wilson to 0 to 5 years, all suspended, on the burglary, and 0 to 3 years, all suspended, on both the unlawful trespass and unlawful mischief charges. Court records do not indicate if the sentences are concurrent or consecutive.On Thursday Feb. 24, 2011, Sgt. Seth DiSanto and Patrol Officer Royce Lancaster responded to a home for a report of a possible unlawful trespass. The neighbor told police she saw three men enter the vacant home. Two of the men had clubs and third had a dog. Two of the men went to the back of the home and a third entered through the front door. Staff from the real estate agency, which had listed the home for sale, arrived and provided keys to police. Newport City Police Officers, Orleans County Sheriff's Deputies, and Vermont State Police Troopers setup a perimeter near the home. They used a loud speaker to ask the men to leave. However, the men refused. Police could not enter the home by either the front door or the back door. Eventually the men opened the front door and surrendered to police. Boule had a dog that resembled a pit-bull. Police placed the men in police cars.DiSanto and the employees from the real-estate agency entered the home and saw that someone had damaged several areas of the home. Police found liquor and beer bottles, and personal items including a "glass-smoking instrument." The total amount of damage was more than $1,000.Boule told police that he and the other men had been periodically going to the home since Monday, Feb. 21, 2011. He admitted that he and one of the other men spray-painted the inside of the window. Boule maintained that he did not forcibly enter the home.