Veteran John Wilson Recalls 30 Years of Service

Staff Writer

John Wilson moved to Newport City in 1999, after serving 30 years in the United States Army, which included a stint during the Vietnam War. Wilson entered the United States Army in 1968 at age 23.

In 1964 Wilson was taking a four-year-long apprentice course in Massachusetts for his employer, Butterfield Tap and Dye that straddled the border in Derby Line and Stanstead Quebec.

“The draft was happening in 1967-1968, but we had deferments because they made parts for the military,” he said. Wilson graduated from the program in June, 1968 and by September the draft started. Wilson, who was born in Canada, took the course and had the option of turning in their visas and not going for the draft. “I kept my visa and was rewarded by being drafted into the Army.” (Read the full story in the Express Monday)