DERBY – Late Monday morning, local, state and federal authorities took two men into custody, whom police believe to be either witnesses or possible suspects in a shooting in Nashua, N.H. Peter Hinckley, Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General, identified the men as Daniel DeGrace and Benjamin Mayberry. Police have not released specific details of the shooting, which occurred Sunday night. Hinckley said the shooting victim, a man, was alive and in the hospital.Newport City Police Chief Seth DiSanto, who assisted at the stop in Derby, said that a Border Patrol Agent saw the car that had been identified as the one the men were operating. DiSanto said that, as far as he knew, the men did not face charges in Vermont. Police took the men to the Vermont State Police Barracks in Derby. DiSanto didn’t know if New Hampshire authorities would extradite them. “They were located at this point,” said Hinckley early Monday evening. “They’re not wanted for any outstanding charges. We were looking for them as potential witnesses in this shooting.” As of early Monday evening, Hinckley didn’t know the status of the men or the circumstances of how they were located.Although police took the men into custody without incident, the whole thing caused quite a commotion on the heavily traveled road. Realtor John Stevens said he was traveling west when he saw a white car coming at him with a Border Patrol Agent following closely behind. The agent turned on his lights and the driver pulled over and stopped. Additional agents arrived on the scene. Stevens said one agent came up alongside a nearby plaza with a weapon on his shoulder and got up near a utility pole while another agent with a weapon laid down in the grass. Police ordered the men out of their car and put them on the ground. Police cuffed and searched the men. A local towing company removed the vehicle. “There were a total of 11 vehicles of authority that I saw,” said Stevens. “It was apparent they were recognized as being pretty dangerous people from all the weapons that were around.”Stevens estimated the whole thing took about a half hour.