Westfield Honors the Shovers

WESTFIELD, VT - The community of Westfield gathered together to celebrate the contributions of Richard and Pat Shover who are moving to Winterville, GA.The Shovers moved permanently to Westfield in 1998. Richard was elected town lister in 2000 and served in that job for 12 years. He was known for being fair and working well with other listers and with the public. Over the years, he attended many meetings and made hundreds of phone calls concerning tax bills and the current use program.In 2001, Richard was appointed to the Hitchcock Museum Board and later became the board's chairman. He was praised for doing a wonderful job running the library and museum, including keeping up with building repairs and helping Yves Daigle finish the basement.In 2005, Richard became the emergency management coordinator for the town. In 2009, he was appointed chairman of the zoning board.Pat has been an active member of Sacred Heart Church in Troy. She was a ballot clerk, often assisted the town clerk, and was known for her friendly smile. Richard and Pat were also active members of the Lions Club and were involved with senior meals, bingo, and fundraisers.Richard and Pat will be missed by their community.