What’s Your Sign?

NEWPORT CITY – Council President John Wilson, Monday evening, expressed his displeasure about private signs placed throughout the city.“I truly believe anyone who wants to put a sign up can put a sign up,” said Wilson who is concerned that individuals are putting signs on private property. He said a sign advertising the golf course is up for the third time and the owner has been told it was in violation. “I don’t know how many times we have to tell them to take it down or do we take it down and dispose of it for them?” asked Wilson.City Manager John Ward Jr. said if the sign were on city property, the city would issue a letter of violation and hope the owners would remove it.“If they don’t, it takes about a year to get to court,” said Ward.Wilson is also upset that someone placed a banner advertising the Waterfront Cinema on the fence near the bike path and someone else placed open art studio signs throughout the city.“People put up yard sale signs, but damn it, if you’re smart, you’ll take it down after the event,” said Wilson. Wilson opposes the placement of banners and small signs advertising Wendy’s Restaurant on city property.“I think Wendy’s might be violating something in our sign ordinances,” said Wilson.Ward said he already has a Wendy’s sign in his office.“You’re going to get more, I think,” said Wilson, who also complained about a banner at the Family Dollar Store. “People are just sticking stuff up everywhere. I thought I was driving through Los Vegas, today.”Wilson also complained about Ron Paul political signs on telephone poles in the city. There’s one sign on Landing Street that Wilson is afraid to remove.“I don’t want to get out of my truck and take it down because I don’t want to get beat up by Ron Paulers,” said Wilson.One sign, Wilson said, is so nice, he’d like place it on the wall of his garage.“If we have laws or ordinances, let’s enforce them or get rid of the ordinance,” he said.Ward promised the city would remove any sign on city property.