Who is running for what? A look at tomorrow's primary election.

NEWPORT, VT - Tomorrow is Primary Day, the day in which voters decide who will represent their particular political parties in the November elections. While a number of politicians will be running in their respective primaries unopposed, a few races will be on the ballot.The most notable statewide primary is between Bill Sorrell and T.J. Donovan, both Democrats, for the position of Vermont Attorney General. The winner will face off against Republican Jack McMullen in November.On the local level, five people are running for the two Essex-Orleans Senate seats: Republicans James Dudley and Bob Lewis; and Democrats James Guyette, John Rodgers and Bobby Starr. Voters can pick two, so the primary race is among the Democrats for the Senate seat.Those unopposed in their statewide primaries are:H. Brooke Paige (R) and Bernie Sanders (D) for U.S. Senate;Mark Donka (R) and Peter Welch (D) for U.S. House of Representatives;Randy Brock (R), Peter Shumlin (D) and Martha Abbott (P) for Governor, although Annette Smith is challenging Abbott in a write-in campaign;Cassandra Gekas (D), Marjorie Power (P) and Phil Scott (R) for Lieutenant Governor;Beth Pearce (D), Don Schramm (P) and Wendy Wilton (R) for State Treasurer;James Condos (D) for Secretary of State;Doug Hoffer (D) and Vince Illuzzi (R) for Auditor of Accounts.Locally, unopposed Vermont House primary races include Lynn Batchelor and Loren Shaw, both Republicans, running for Orleans 1; Duncan Kilmartin and Mike Marcotte, both Republicans, for Orleans 2; Vicki Strong (R) and Sam Young (D), running for Orleans-Caledonia; and finally Mark Higley (R) and Katherine Sims (P) running for Orleans-Lamoille.Last but not least, Curtis Hardy is running unopposed for High Bailiff.