Wish Comes True For Noah Crogan

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

MORGAN–North Country junior Noah Crogan is a lot like most kids his age.
He enjoys hanging out with friends, he plays sports, and was a part of a very successful, title-winning Falcon snowboarding team this past winter.
However there is one that thing sets Noah apart from his classmates; he suffers from bilateral bronchiectasis and tracheomalacia, as well as primary immune deficiency, which means he is dealing with two diseases that affect his lungs and breathing, and that he is highly susceptible to getting sick.
Due to this condition, Noah and his family had been working with Elizabeth Roach and Medora Klesch from the Make-A-Wish (MAW) Foundation on coming up with a potential wish.
Originally Noah was going to go on a cruise, but when the COVID-19 outbreak hit, that idea was understandably put on hold, and Roach and Klesch urged him to come up with some other ideas just in case.
What would happen instead of the cruise might just be one of the best examples of having your second choice outdo your original option.
On June 27th Noah was gifted, or in this case wished, a brand new Tracker Pro 170 fishing boat from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who worked with Bass Pro Shops on getting the boat.
But that wouldn’t be all that would happen on that day.
We at the Express caught up with Noah, his Mom Lisa Austin, and one of the two Wish Granters, Elizabeth Roach, to talk about how this all went down on what likely will be a day that anybody who was in attendance won’t soon forget.
For more, see the Express on 7-10-2020.