Woman Trapped in Collapsed Home

COVENTRY – Rescue crews pulled an unidentified woman from a collapsed mobile home on the Messier Farm Road in Coventry yesterday afternoon. At around 3 p.m., the home collapsed on the woman and trapped her inside. Rescue personnel used air packs and blocks to raise the roof so they could remove the victim. Ambulances transported the woman and two other unidentified people to the hospital. Assistant Fire Chief Scott Burdick from the Orleans Fire Department said the other people were “winded” and had chest pains after assisting in the rescue. He said rescue personnel tried to put the weight of the building on supports in order to keep the walls and roof off of the woman.“She was talking during the whole time,” said Burdick, who did not know the victim's identity or the extent of her injuries. “Everybody is alive and well.”Burdick said the woman had good movement but complained about pain.As of yesterday afternoon, firefighters did not know how the building collapsed.Bystander Charles Gaudette of Coventry said he had recently told someone that the trailer was leaning and would “go right down.”Ambulances from Orleans and Newport also responded to the scene.