Wow, What a Weekend!

Breathe,And, here we go.UCA won the Mona Gerome Sportsmanship Award for 2012.North Country's Boys basketball team lost on Thursday and Saturday.North Country's Girls Basketball team won on Friday, and the game will be available for replay on soon.Lake Region's Girls basketball team got their Pink On!North Country's Nordic team held their night relays in Craftsbury, again. Thanks Snow.Hockey Night in Jay continues to be the hottest ticket in town, and why not?If you build it, they will come, oh yes, they will come.And they did.Before the largest Haus of the weekend, basketball players, skiers, alumni (Judd, Bernier, Stewart), former publishers, and if I am not mistaken, Reid as well, all showed up.All to watch the Falcons' two hottest team pick up much needed wins on Saturday night.HNIJ, make it a hashtag.Full stories in Monday's Express. 2-18-13.