Young Man’s Organs Were Donated to Help Others

Christopher Roy
Staff Writer

Many people decide to continue helping others even after they are gone by donating their organs and tissues. Signing to be an organ donor is as simple as checking the appropriate box on the driver's license application form or at the New England Donor's website.
"The largest need is for kidneys, and that is all across the country," said Laura Watson, spokesperson for the New England Donor Services in Waltham, Massachusetts. "There is also a need for all organs."
Even though New England Donor Services only coordinates with the family of deceased donors, they largely support living donors because it helps decrease the list of individuals waiting for donors. According to Watson, there are almost 114,000 people nationwide waiting for a transplant. Closer to home, nearly 6,000 of those people reside in New England. Watson said they tell those wishing to donate organs not to count themselves out because of medical issues.

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