Have Paws Will Travel

Kayla Farrar is the owner of Have Paws Will Travel, LLC, a grooming, sitting, and walking business for pets. Along with those services, Farrar also transports pets to the vet, cleans ears, brushes teeth, and provides pet safe advice to help owners with specific issues or even with helping pets socialize and become more comfortable in a variety of situations. 

Farrar explained that currently there are no requirements in Vermont for licensure or certification for dog walking or grooming. However, Farrar obtained a Bachelor's degree in psycho-social communications and a Master’s degree in Life Coaching and Positive Psychology before she entered the business. She said that she has used the information gained in her studies, as well as in her professional experience, to better understand the behaviors pets exhibit. Her training has also helped her show owners how to maintain their pets behavior and needs. Farrar said, “No degree or field of study is wasted as long as you have a dream and the dedication to see it through!” 

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