DERBY CENTER- Prior to the onset of the pandemic, school districts faced shortages of nurses, para-educators, and teachers in the fields of math and science. Those shortages have been exacerbated by the Covid crisis and has spread to other jobs.

North Country Union Junior High School teacher Ted Chitambar advised the school board at Tuesday's meeting that there are issues with the bus drivers.

"I want to give a quick plug about a national issue," Chitambar said. "Bus drivers are struggling and so are our students."

Chitambar said students are raising incidents daily, including a bus that was a no-show and another that arrived half an hour late.

Board member Richard Nelson pointed out many of the bus drivers are seniors who supplement their retirement income driving school buses. The original Covid-19 virus was especially lethal to seniors, and many drivers decided to retire.

See Monday's Newport Daily Express for more details...

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