From left Derby Line trustee Keith Beadle, state Representatives Brian Smith and Lynn Batchelor, and in the background is Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan. The parties shared a press conference with Congressman Peter Welch in Derby Line to discuss privacy concerns over a CBP proposal to locate surveillance cameras along the US/Canadian border. (File photo by Ed Barber)

DERBY- The Department of Homeland Security has acquiesced to a request by Vermont's congressional delegation to reopen the public comment period related to the proposal to locate surveillance towers and cameras along the border of Vermont and Canada.

"We have heard from many Vermonters who are concerned that surveillance cameras will further intrude on their privacy," Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch stated in a press release.

The public comment period reopens on April 18 for 60 days, until June 17, 2021.

Customs and Border Patrol proposed locating eight surveillance cameras in Vermont including in Derby and North Troy. There is an existing camera in the Village of Derby Line which will continue to be in operation.

The towers range from 120-180 feet in height. The tower proposed for Derby is 120 feet tall and will be located on Phil Letourneau's property off the Holland Road.

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