Newport City Fire Chief John Harlamert speaks to the city council about the fire department’s need for a new fire truck. (Photo by Christopher Roy)

 NEWPORT CITY–The Newport City Fire Department wants a new fire truck. On Town Meeting Day in March, voters will be asked to approve a bond not to exceed $800,000 to fund the purchase and the outfitting of the vehicle.

Newport City Fire Chief John Harlamert reminded the city council on Monday that historically, the department replaces trucks every ten years. The move helps the city retain its low insurance rating.

In July, a five-member committee started their search by looking at the department’s  wishes and narrowed it down to the needs to provide the city with fire service.

City Clerk and Treasurer James Johnson said that as of now, a ten-year loan option would come with a 2.45 percent fixed rate for the first five years and then an adjusted rate for the remaining five years, which he guessed would be about 2.79 percent. A 15-year-loan would come with a 2.79 percent rate for the first ten years and a different rate for the remaining five years.

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