Temporary change allows for gathering with single, trusted household for the holidays. Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of many Vermonters, our COVID-19 numbers have leveled out for now. For the period from December 23 – January 2, one household may gather with one other trusted household. That is a maximum of two households gathering during this period.

Staying home and with people you live with is still the lowest risk. Gathering with people you do not live with is not recommended for people who are at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 or people who care for them.

If you do gather, the Health Department strongly encourages getting tested 7 days afterwards.

If you gather with anyone from out of state, everyone in both households must quarantine for 14 days, or 7 days with a negative test.

The travel policy has not changed. If you travel outside of Vermont, you must follow quarantine requirements.

COVID-19 Response Holiday Schedule

Many Health Department teams will be working through the upcoming holidays, including the laboratory staff, contact tracing and other critical response teams. We are grateful and appreciative for their hard work and dedication.

 Weekly Data Summary COVID-19 Cases in Vermont K-12 Learning Communities While Infectious Active Outbreaks in Long-term Care Facilities

Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccination has begun in Vermont. If you’re looking for the latest information about who can get the vaccine now, where and when people will be able to get vaccinated, visit healthvermont.gov/covid19-vaccines. Check back often, as we update this web page with new information.

While we wait for vaccine to become more widely available to Vermonters, we must keep up our prevention practices, including physical distancing, mask-wearing and handwashing. This is still the best protection from getting and spreading COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing is an important tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about who should get tested and find a site near you at healthvermont.gov/covid-19/testing.

Case Information

Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont

As of 12 p.m. on December 23, 2020


New cases* 73 (6,680 total)

Currently hospitalized

27 Hospitalized in ICU 7

Hospitalized under investigation 2 Percent Positive (7-day average)

2.1% People tested

255,104 Total tests

663,684 Total people recovered

4,380 Deaths+ 117

Travelers monitored 189

Contacts monitored 186

People completed monitoring 11,590

* Includes testing conducted at the Health Department Laboratory, commercial labs and other public health labs.

+ Death occurring in persons known to have COVID-19. Death certificate may be pending.

Hospitalization data is provided by the Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition and is based on hospitals updating this information.

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