A Derby Line man’s family and friends are searching for a kidney donor. Alain Roy, who turns 54 this month, needs to have a kidney replaced. Otherwise, he may require life-saving dialysis treatment by mid-summer to early fall. The Roys want to raise awareness of kidney disease and are asking the public to “share their spare.”

“Sometimes people don’t know they have kidney disease until they end up in the hospital almost dead,” Roy said. “They feel sick but don’t do anything about it. They think they will get over it and move on with their lives, but that is the worst thing they can do.”

He said that doctors told him at the onset of being diagnosed with kidney disease that he might need a kidney transplant in five to ten years, but it came earlier than expected. At first, the blood-work numbers were not bad, but they continued to get worse.

“They’re pretty bad,” Roy said last week. “I’m at stage five, and I’m close to going on dialysis anytime.”

People who need a kidney can be put on a national registry list and look for one on their own, just like the Roy family. The Roys have chosen to be proactive and created yard signs that extend their plea to the community and elsewhere in Vermont.

He always carries a pager with him in case medical providers find a kidney from a donor who recently died.

“If this were to go off, I would have a certain amount of time to get to Dartmouth to get that kidney that is waiting for me,” Roy said. “Depending on the case, they give you two hours or two days.”

...According to the website organdonor.gov more than 90,000 people are waiting for a kidney. The average wait time is about five years or more. About 15 percent  of US adults are estimated to have chronic kidney disease; about 37 million people (CDC.gov). (Read more in The Newport Daily Express Tuesday, July 6.)

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