Dr. Tatum Photo

DERBY LINE–After 30 years of providing medical care to Northeast Kingdom children, Dr. Miriam Tatum is hanging up her stethoscope.

Miriam and her husband Brent graduated from Yale School of Medicine and did their residency training at the University of Rochester, New York, Miriam in pediatrics and Brent in internal medicine. They came to Newport in 1991 for Miriam to join Newport Pediatrics and for Brent to join Northern Counties Health Care....

“During the many years we worked together at the hospital I found Dr. Miriam Tatum to be unfailingly kind and accepting of others, both patients and staff,” said Dr. Bill Peck. “She carries with her wisdom and grace that are born of a mind that is curious, non-judgmental, and supremely reasonable..." (Read the full story Tuesday in the Express)

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