THETFORD, Vt. (AP) — Police are urging volunteers picking up trash during Vermont's annual Green Up Day on Saturday not to pick up syringes or dangerous waste from methamphetamine labs.

Theftford police said syringes are sometimes discarded in public places by drug users. The town is asking people to note and mark the location so that police can arrange for a safe pickup. Green Up Day workers are urged not to pick up the discarded containers used to cook to produce methamphetamine such as plastic or glass bottles, possibly with tubes coming out, and containing white, yellowish or brown residue inside, or visible metallic pieces.

"Moving these materials can result in a fire, explosion or release of harmful fumes that can burn your airway and lungs," Thetford Police said in a news release "Entire labs can be found in toolboxes, coolers, or other storage containers."

Other indications of a meth lab are the smell of ammonia, numerous empty cold medicine and diet pill bottles or packages, and torn apart lithium batteries. People who find a site with such items are urged to leave the area and call 911.

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