After a remarkable year navigating learning through Covid-19, April Caspari and Natalie Guillette, Visual Arts Team at NCUHS, got busy. The challenge? Motivating their students to re-engage in both their passion for visual art AND reignite their love for their school and learning community. 
After reaching out to the Community Engagement Lab in coordination with the Vermont Mural Project, another small business stood out to the NCUHS Visual Arts Team: Juniper Creative Arts. 
Their   website  describes themselves here: "Juniper Creative Arts is a Vermont-based Black and Dominican family collective that facilitates community mural projects with colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and community-based organizations. They are nationally recognized muralists, facilitators, and educators with a mission-driven practice of creating art that both involves and celebrates historically excluded communities." 
Caspari and Guillette reached out to Jennifer Kasso Condry, Will Kasso Condry, and Alexa Kasso Condry of Juniper Creative Arts in February of this year and began what has become a remarkable collaboration after getting the green light from Principal Chris Young. Together they have created a completely student -voiced mural concept where the Condry Kasso team will realize the vision by this Sunday. Student paintings will be permanently collaged within the student-voiced design which will result in a legacy piece that every NCUHS student can honor and enjoy. 
Additionally, after learning where students wanted to see this artwork installed, students dreamed big and said they also wanted "a cool place to hang out near the artwork". Caspari and Guillette once again reached out to Young and got approval to conduct a weeklong Placemaking Mosaic Project slated for the first week of August where students will come and use discarded community ceramic items to mosaic furniture for a new outdoor student space. Umbrella is partnering with NCUHS to incorporate prevention awareness and promote a curriculum that builds stronger bonds between our community's services and our students. The Garden Shop will be landscaping the area before the workshop after students design the layout and choose which perennials they'd like to see incorporated. All in total, by September NCUHS's outer facade will provide a completely student-centered area for studying and socializing amidst the backdrop of a fully realized artistic vision. 

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