12-13 year-olds. Back, Emma Fortin, Maya Auger, Steve Edgerley Local hoop shoot chairman, Marty Barrup ER Newport Elks #2155, Aaliyah Wilburn, Noah Fortin. Front: Rebecca Legacy, Lowell school, third place, Aubrey Jacobs, Troy School, second place, Ava Pattern,  NCUJHS, first place, Talen Thurston, Troy School, first place, Wyatt Driscoll, Brighton, second place, Daniel Randell, Lowell School, third place. (Photo Courtesy)

NEWPORT–The Newport Elks Club  #2155 hosted their annual Hoop Shoot contest at North Country Union High School this past weekend.

The shoot features three age groups, 8-9 year-olds, 10-11 year-olds, and 12-13 year-olds.

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